Global Source

We source extensively across the world for the best products. We have a set of strict guidelines that would ensure that we import only quality, safe, and compliant products for our fur kids.

Pawtypai 毛派派 是一群熱衷於毛孩的人類,專注於為毛孩及其主人提供高品質、功能性優質的商品。我們致力從世界各地找尋最好的產品,盡可能的豐富毛孩的生活,讓他們可以更加健康、快樂及有自信。

Spread The Word

We are on a strict mission to educate all pet parents on the need for enrichment in a safe and healthy environment. Pawtypai actively participates in events and work with trainers to provide the best experience for pet parents and their furry friends.


Pawtypai 毛派派積極參與各種活動,也會不定時的與訓練師合作,讓毛孩的家人和他們的毛孩們有最棒的體驗。



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